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Aopnet works with the industry leaders in the technology space to facilitate the distribution of their IT equipment worldwide without the risks and costs routinely associated with global distribution. Our clients and partnerships span the length of the technology supply chain all the way from manufacturer to end user.

Our Importer Of Record and customs compliance services combined with our global tax recovery business allows our clients to have access to truly global reach with one point of contact.

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Aopnet specialises in the importing of networking equipment, telecommunications equipment and all other types of technology hardware.

  • Shipping to 120 countries

    Shipping technology equipment globally is complex for even experienced logistics experts. The equipment is highly regulated, requiring extensive import permits and in most countries a local Importer Of Record is required too. Without specialist knowledge these valuable assets are bound to get stuck in customs causing unforeseen and costly delays. Aopnet provides a solution to this problem in over 120 countries.

  • Safety & Perfect import compliance

    Aopnet will act as Importer Of Record, apply for all required import permits and arrange brokerage, clearance and local delivery in the destination country. Aopnet will ensure perfect import compliance to guarantee smooth and efficient customs clearance every time. Our simple process will allow you to grow your business into over 120 countries with just one click.

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What Is A Freight Forwarder ?

We specializing in arranging storage and shipping of merchandise on behalf of its shippers. It usually provides a full range of services including: tracking inland transportation, preparation of shipping and export documents, warehousing, booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, and filing of insurance claims. We ship under their own bills of lading or air waybills (called house bill of lading or house air waybill) and their agents or associates at the destination (overseas freight forwarders) provide document delivery, deconsolidation, and freight collection services.

How to declare and clearance ?

Our expert team will identify any special country or part specific import permits, licences or compliance requirements and apply for these on your behalf. On approval detailed shipping instructions will be sent. Aopnet will act as your Importer Of Record to ensure compliant, efficient and hassle free customs clearance.

How should I pay the tariff ?

When the customs invoice is sent, we can receive, international wire transfer, credit card, or check.